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how to get free SSL certificate in Thailand

Since Google announced the use HTTPS as a website search engine ranking priority, it’s about time to look at your web site security. You may noticed few sites display “secured” message or show green padlock sign just like this web site. On Google Chrome:

and Firefox:

This means that communication between your computer and cloud source of the web site is encrypted and nobody could snoop information you send or receive from the web site. this is very important if you ask your users to login to the web site or provide private information such as credit card number, name, date of birth, etc.

Google made a decision to force web sites to respect user’s security and will give priority on Google search results to those web site with SSL certificates installed. If you are in a tough competition in Thailand or just want to improve your SEO and Google search position, we would strongly suggest to make your web site secure.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are sold on a yearly basis and cost from $28 to $600 a year, depending on encryption strengths and coverage. You could buy them at our shop but please let us check if your hosting is compatible with your web site hosting before you buy, it could be a cheaper solution for your web site in Thailand.

Fortunately for all of us, there are few companies providing absolutely free “grade A” SSL in Thailand. We will provide Flex SSL certificates for all our clients who have yearly or monthly subscription to our SEO services. We will complete web site conversion to HTTPS by request and it’s completely free and there will be no change to renew those SSL certificates in a future.

If you have e-commerce web site in Thailand or anywhere in the world and accept payment, it’s absolutely essential to have Full Comodo SSL installed and Google will punish you for not having one. Please contact us and let us find the best solution for your online shop.

For those, who do not have our SEO service yet, we offer free Flexible SSL certificate installation and required updates to your web site to fix “mixed content” errors for 3,000 baht per web site (conditions apply). We will need to evaluate your web site first to make shore you do not load non-secure content from remote locations. SSL certificate requires the change of your DNS configuration, therefore, we will need to access your domain registrar to make an update.

If you, for example have images, scripts or links on your web site loaded from other web sites which are not encrypted, you will have “mixed content” warnings and your web site will display yellow triangle warning.

This is just one example before “mixed content” errors were fixed after installing SSL certificate for Mermaids Dive Center.

We confirm better position on Google search for web sites we already converted to HTTPS and installed free SSL certificate.

We would strongly advise everyone to look at this limited time offer and future-proof your web site by installing SSL certificate and encrypt your web site communication on the internet.

If you want to read more about encryption, check this article on Goggle Webmaster Central. If you run e-commerce web site, you should receive warning from Google regarding the absence of encryption on your web site shortly.

Posted on June 6, 2017 in Technical Support

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