Is Your Web Site Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Did you ever open your web site on your smartphone? How does it look and why is it important?

First of all it’s important because in Thailand most of your clients are tourists or travelers, they carry smartphones, not desktop PC with them on the trip. Looking at search engine results, such as Google , we could confirm that more than 80% of traffic in Thailand comes from mobile devices.

Google saw this long time ago and they decided to promote mobile friendly web sites on their search pages. This happened in 2015 on April 21st. Since that time Google mark results on smartphone as “mobile friendly”. As a result, many web sites lost their SEO ground and therefore lost lot of customers and readers.

Are you running a mobile friendly web site? It’s very easy to check, just go to: and type your web site name in the box. It only takes few seconds to see results. If it’s not mobile friendly, send your webmaster an angry e-mail, most web sites, especially WordPress ones are very easy to convert.


Posted on June 11, 2017 in Technical Support

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