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WordPress became very popular these days. Problem is that nice professional templates many webmasters use cost money. Not too much, most templates could be bought for as low as $45. We are receiving plenty requests from web site owners to check for suspicious activity on the web site, mostly hack link injections.

Almost all cases resulted from webmasters using nulled or hacked templates or plugins for the web site.

It is easy to check for all suspicious links and re-directs by running website scan at:

Just run the scan and see what’s highlighted as a problem. Its easy to scan, but very difficult to find a source. Many hackers using cloaking and Hex conversion of the code and it’s not easy to find a problem.

Most “popular” tricks last month were:

<?php if ((is_front_page()) and (!is_paged()))

{ echo”<\x64\x69v \x73t\x79\x6ce=\x22p\x6f\x73\x69t\x69on:abso\x6cut\x65\x3b\x74\x6f\x70:\x30;l\x65ft:-\x399\x399p\x78\x3b\”>\x3c\x61 \x68\x72\x65f\x3d\x22https://nulls\x77p\x2e\x63om/free-\x62\x75n\x63h\x79-\x77\x6frdpr\x65\x73s-\x74\x68eme/\x22\x3e\x62\x75\x6ech\x79 wo\x72d\x70\x72\x65ss \x74h\x65\x6de</a></\x64\x69v>”;

} ?>

and then the latest use of the “sorry_function”:

if( ! function_exists(‘sorry_function’)){

function sorry_function($content) {

if (is_user_logged_in()){return $content;} else {if(is_page()||is_single()){

$vNd25 = “\74\144\151\x76\40\163\x74\x79\154\145\x3d\42\x70\157\x73\151\164\x69\x6f\x6e\72\141\166\76”

$zoyBE = “\74\x64\x69\x76\x20\x73\x74\171\154\145\x3d\x22\x70\157\163\x69\x74\x69\x6f\156\x3a\141\142\163”;

$fullcontent = $vNd25 . $content . $zoyBE; } else { $fullcontent = $content; } return $fullcontent; }}

add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘sorry_function’);}

Hack insert outgoing link to the hacker’s web site and it will seriously hurt your Google rank and Google search result listing, because your own web site will not be scanned by Google bot.

This creates a very serious SEO problem for your own web site.

Please use only trusted webmasters and make sure they buy license when they used paid templates and plugins.

If you have doubts about your web site or think it’s been hacked, let us know and we will run comprehensive diagnostics and remove the hack.

Posted on May 30, 2017 in Technical Support

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